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If you want the full experience of sampling amazing vegan products surrounded by a vibrant vegan community, visit our display at our first vegan event, Madison Vegan Fest!

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Our Upcycled Handbags and Totes

We start with a nice existing bag, just hangin' out in the universe, and add a detail or two to transform it into a statement about our desire to see the world become more vegan. 


Our Used Books

From philosophy to frittatas, our nifty-but-not-new books contain a wealth of information about creating a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.


Our Upcycled Clothing and Quilted Things

What's better than a comfy tee-shirt? Why, a comfy tee-shirt that encourages your friends to join you in your vegan lifestyle, without you even having to say a word! (Those wrinkles just fall right out.)


Sign up for tips on easy hacks to enhance your vegan lifestyle, and to find out where we will be appearing soon (such as the Madison Vegan Fest in Wisconsin, August 3rd, 2019.)


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If you are ready to take your vegan lifestyle to the next step, we can help you get started! We hope to see you at the next vegan event!

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